Luck. What is it really?

Luck.  What is it really?

Is luck when you find your significant other that you were meant to spend your life with?  Or is that a coincidence?

Maybe it’s winning some sort of raffle at a benefit.  Or was it because of the odds that you won?

Maybe it’s getting that baby boy or girl that you’ve been waiting and praying a lifetime for.  Or maybe that was just the path your life was supposed to take.

Could it be finally losing that 5, 10, or 20 pounds?  Or was that just the extra attention to eating healthier and some extra gym time?

Is it getting that promotion at work you’ve been waiting for? Or was it just your extra hard work?

Is it closing on your dream house?  Or was that just meant to be?

Is it someone close to you beating that deadly disease?  Or were they just a fighter or it wasn’t their time?

Is it luck? Fate? Your destiny? The path that your life is supposed to take?  Whichever it is my life got me thinking today on just how lucky I really am.  And even if it isn’t luck then I love the path my life is taking.






7 thoughts on “Luck. What is it really?

  1. Mary Beth Steven

    Luck versus fate and destiny. Interesting to think about. With romance I tend to use the words fate and destiny. With something like the lottery I would tend to use the word luck. Maybe it’s the depth of the event. With something that ends up being so right in my life, I refer to it as my destiny, my fate.

  2. ptsuthers

    Some say that no matter what happens you are on the path you’re supposed to be on. Luck is when what happens agrees with your expectations. Pondering the great thoughts of life. Nice.

  3. brighidk28

    I hear you, man! We never really will know… but I do think the harder we work towards our goals and true selves, the more, “luck,” and happy coincidences that will occur. 🙂 The last line of your post made me smile. Happy for you.

  4. vgpratt

    Life is certainly full of uncertainties! I don’t know what to call it– luck, karma, grace, blessings, coincidence. I do know that it has two sides, and I’m uncomfortable with the idea that sometimes others are having “rotten” luck. I find that when my “luck” is good, I’m praying that it won’t turn bad. It’s strange how a minute, or a second– a step to the right, or two steps to the left can change your luck dramatically.

    Deep topic! I like the way you present it, with the “two sides” of seeing each event or situation. Thanks for making me think.


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