Worry.  It’s a word with such a tense feeling.  Why do I worry so much?  And why do I worry about everything? I worry about the big things, and I worry about the small things.  My husband even calls me Chicken Little. I try to relax and stay calm and talk myself out of the worry, but it’s just easier to think the scary thoughts instead for some reason.

I worry about Ava running down the sidewalk too fast and falling too hard.

I worry about what school will be like when Ava starts.

I worry about Ava’s feelings getting hurt.

I worry about about my parents if the day goes by, and I realize I haven’t heard from them yet today.

I worry about my high school niece Kelsey making the right choices.

I worry about my uncle and the cancer that he is fighting and winning.  But still fighting.

I worry about my husband driving the expressway every day.

I worry about the health of all of my family members.

I worry about a friend and her early stages of pregnancy after a recent miscarriage.

I worry about my students and what some of them are going home to.

Where does all the worry come from?  I NEVER use to worry before.  Is it because I’ve been through some things in my life to make me realize I’m not invincible?  Is it because I’m older? Is it because I’m a mom? Is it because I’m more aware of the world we live in? Whatever the reason, I need to find that carefree person I once was and find a balance of carefree and worry wart.

Because otherwise I’m going to drive us all crazy.



7 thoughts on “Worry

  1. Michelle Engle

    I’m right there with you! You are one of the people I go to about my worrying because I know you won’t think I’m crazy. Maybe we need to stop worrying with each other? Lol.

  2. peteacher1

    Been there, done that. Not an easy life.
    I used the book, Worry Cure, to help me break out of my ways. The first few pages pretty much polk fun at worrying and how silly it is. It won’t change the outcome and just uses your energy needlessly. Easier said than done, but it just isn’t healthy nor productive. 😦 good luck!

  3. Loralee

    Chicken Little. How cute is that!

    So many things can go through our mind as moms, wives, daughters, teachers…

    Angela Watson has a wonderful book for teachers called, Awakened.

  4. Gael Lynch

    I, thankfully, am not plagued with worry, but I do know many people are. I believe in working toward the solution…envisioning, you know, rather than obsessing about the problem. There’s a women’s meditation book out there…For Women Who Worry too Much, or something like that. With daily readings that are designed to help. Stay in the now, that’s really the best cure I know.

  5. Kim K

    Wish I could offer the golden nugget of advice. For me, the worry has settled in for a long stay I am afraid. This slice is so honest.

  6. bbutler627

    You worry because you are one of the most empathetic people I’ve ever known. You try to think of all the ways something can go wrong so you know how to right it again. Not how to deal. You are a positive, beautiful mind like that. You always have been like that but it’s definitely magnified now that you are a mom. That’s the thing. When we feel we’ve gotten the greatest gift in the world, we worry that someone will take it away. Chicken Little? I never knew that. Hollla ulla for you Tom! I miss the Creech.

  7. hopesm80

    I completely understand where you’re coming from! I’m a worrier, too, and I definitely drive my husband (and his family) crazy with all of the little things I worry about all the time. I try, though, to keep telling myself to not worry so much because I don’t want to teach my kids to worry like me–if that’s their natural personality, fine, but I don’t want it to be a learned habit. 🙂


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