True Friendships

Friendships are so very important.  A true friendship can last a lifetime. It’s what can keep you sane on the craziest of days. It’s what can put you in the best of moods with just a short conversation.  It’s your go-to when you just need to complain about anything.  It’s reassurance that you are a great mom, friend, and wife.  A true friendship is one of the most valuable gifts you can have.  I am lucky enough to have many true friendships in my life.

These are the girls that I met in my first year of high school and they have remained some of the most special people in my life.  Not many can say that their closest friends as adults are the ones they met when they were 14.  These women are my rock.  We vacation together, we have kids’ play dates together, we have sleepovers still, we have celebrated Christmas together every single year for the last 15 years, we dine together, we drink wine together, we go on overnights downtown together, we cry with each other and for each other, we laugh with each other, and we most definitely support each other.  There have been disagreements along the way, but we always come to an agreement in the end.  Or we just choose to agree to disagree.

We’ve seen each other get married while standing at the alter in support, we’ve watched each other become moms, we’ve watched one another suffer a broken heart, we’ve been there for each other through the hardest of times and the absolute best of times.

We all met up this week for our monthly, or at least bi-monthly, dinners.  It’s always a relief to hang out with these friends of mine.  Sometimes we laugh till we cry, sometimes we have something to celebrate, and sometimes we just catch up on our daily lives.  This dinner was all of the above.

I truly hope that every woman out there has at least one person that has a friendship like this.  That friendship that’s lasted throughout the years.  The one that’s seen you at your best of times and your worst of times. It feels good to know that I have a group of girls that have picked me up through really, really bad times and I can say I’ve done the same for them.


3 thoughts on “True Friendships

  1. ldehaan1

    True Friendship is hard to come by. I can say that I also have a true friendship with a group of gals myself. I agree with how you say “a true friendship is one of the most valuable gifts you can have”. So true!

  2. hopesm80

    I love how you’ve described friendships here–they truly are beautiful and valuable. I, unfortunately, am still looking for that group of friends–my high school friends and I scattered to different corners of the country (one’s in California, one’s in Florida, I’m in the midwest), and I landed in a place where everyone already has that group of high school friends–it’s only been in the last few years through having kids that I’m finally, at long last, starting to make some new friends, but I want to rush to the part where we’re as close as I used to be to my high school friends. Enjoy all these wonderful women in your life–they are precious!

  3. mrssurridge

    My mom used to say: Don’t forget your girlfriends! She was so right. Having a group of women who you call “friend” is a blessing to last a lifetime. Great reminder!


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