I Hope They’ll Find Happiness Once Again

It was about five years ago at the local wine bar that my girlfriends and I would meet at monthly that we heard the terrifying news.  One of our girlfriends told us about one of her very dear friend’s daughter having cancer.  She was maybe 3 or 4 at the time.  I don’t exactly remember. We never met this little girl but knew how close our friend’s family is to this family.  Immediately our hearts broke and tears feel.  We all had our own questions Why, Why her, what kind of cancer, is it treatable, will she be okay, what can we do? 

We began to follow her story through social media and first-hand from our friend.  There were ups and there were downs.  There were good stories and there were bad.  There was remission, benefits, and St. Baldric’s events held in her honor.  We got to learn a lot from this sweet girl and her family.  How can such a little girl be so brave?  How can a little girl going through all she’s going through still smile?  How can she still remain so sweet after all she’s been dealt?  How does she have the strength to continue fighting?

Things were looking pretty good for her for awhile but we received an update last night.  Emily’s cancer is back.  It’s spread to a spot right by her heart and back.  Doctors say they’ve never seen such an aggressive cancer. Her chemo failed her.  They are giving her 2-6 months.  My heart sank, it’s broken, tears swarmed my face, I am mad, I am sad, I canNOT get this little girl and her family off my mind or out of my heart.  My day today feels different than any other day.  I feel empty.

There are so many things we can question and wonder, but I just can’t help putting myself into that mother’s position.  How does she go on?  How does she explain to her little girl that her life that’s just beginning is slowly coming to an end?  How do they prepare for this?  Do you ever sleep for fear that you’re losing precious moments with what’s dearest to you in this world? How do you find happiness in the world again?

My heart aches more than it ever has before for this family and this little girl that I’ve only followed her story.  The thing is though, is that I may always remember Emily, but I will be able to move on with my life eventually. But for this family, they will forever be suffering a loss.  Something larger than a loss.  Something has been ripped away from them. And in a horrible way. One of their most precious things in life that can never be replaced.

I truly hope and pray that miracles can exist for this little girl.  I hope that her sister will be able to continue a normal and happy life.  I hope the husband and wife will be able to find comfort in each other and will always be able to support one another through this time and their times ahead.  And I truly hope this family can once again find happiness in their lives.


3 thoughts on “I Hope They’ll Find Happiness Once Again

  1. peteacher1

    Way too young to experience such pain and not be able to experience the world. So sad! I have the same questions as you. I have see posts about little Emily and can’t bear to see her mom write that she has been given 3-6 months. What would I do as a mom? I can’t imagine, but it does remind me of the importance to appreciate what I have and know that I shouldn’t take anything for granted. I’m sending a hug to you and want you to know you are not alone in feeling so empty and upset for this family, this family that either of us know. Sad slice of reality. Hug Ava a little more today!

  2. tzawacki15

    My heart breaks for Emily and her family and they are all in my thoughts and prayers. I cannot begin to imagine what they’re going through. As I read your slice, the tears were rolling down my face. Stories like this are horrible and shouldn’t happen. If you need anything, I’m there for you.

  3. bbutler627

    Shan, I got the info about this waking up this morning and then saw your slice and I couldn’t comment. It hurts so much thinking of Emily and her family. We have our colored light bulbs ready for tomorrow and I cry thinking about how much this girl has gone through already and now this. The entire south side will be lit up for her this week. That’s for sure. Prayers to them.


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